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Just a quick blog post to introduce ourselves. Loki is a one year-old English Springer Spaniel and I’m one of his owners, Kirsty.

I’m absolutely obsessed with dogs and my life revolves around Loki. I’m a dog mum that worries way too much! During the week I do some dog walking and work from home for my partner’s Golf business. As we are both self-employed, running small businesses I love supporting other small businesses, so do get in touch if you fancy working together!

We brought Loki home as an 8 week puppy, he was such an amazing pup! Slept right through the night and was very quickly toilet trained! At the time we also had a 12 year old Labrador cross German Shepherd called Cassi. She was my world and had her since a puppy for my 15th Birthday present (best present ever!). Devastatingly Cassi fell ill, just a week after bringing Loki home. We found an aggressive tumour on her airways and within 48 hours we had to say goodbye.


Losing Cassi really broke me and sometimes the last thing I wanted was to look after a 9 week puppy. But really Loki helped us through this devastating time. He was such a great distraction from all the devastation.

Since bringing Loki home I have been a big believer in canine enrichment. We ‘ditched the bowl’ from day one, so Loki always had to work for his food one way or another. He’s always been a super calm dog at home, no doubt all the enrichment and food games has helped this! I plan to share all our enrichment ideas and activities on the blog.

Alongside the enrichment I have loved training Loki, whether its basic obedience, trick training and more recently we have started doing agility. We will keep you all up to date on our training progress, all the successes, frustrations and failures!

I love taking Loki on adventures, finding new walks and going on dog friendly trips. So we will of course be sharing all of this with you!

And finally, one thing that is REALLY important to me is living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. I’m the first to admit I am in no means perfect but try to make conscious decisions to reduce our waste. I find that pet products are particularly bad at excessive plastic packaging. Because of this I am right at the start of making my own treats for Loki (and have just bought a dehydrator) so will be sharing our progress on this too! Thanks for sticking around until the end!