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For the last few months we have been ordering boxes from Devil Dood Deli and we absolutely love them!

Each month you can order a selection box of natural chews and treats. Its a great way to try out new treats especially for those picky dogs! Loki tends to get through chews (and toys!) very quickly so it has been helpful finding chews that actually last longer than a few seconds!

There are a selection of boxes to choose from a small travel box, the larger signature box, nice and easy chews, long and strong chews, a chew trial box and finally a build your own box!

So far we have had two travel boxes and a build your own box. Next on our list is the long and strong chew box, as I said before Loki is a strong chewer!


What we LOVE about Devil Dood Deli Boxes


  • Variety of treats

We love getting a new selection of treats and chews to try each month. For the chews in particular, its nice just getting a few of each because just in case they don’t like them! We have discovered our new favourite chews; lambs ears and beef bully!

Its also nice getting a good selection without having to spend AGES choosing which ones to go for (because I’m awful at making decisions!!)

  • Less Plastic Packaging

My new years resolution was to reduce our waste, specifically plastic. I think this is the only new years resolution I have ever managed to stick to. I am always trying to reduce it as much as possible. The treats arrive in a cardboard box (appropriately sized for the contents so no need for extra packaging inside) and all the chews come in paper bags which I can pop in our recycling bin or on the compost heap!

There is still some plastic packaging especially if your box includes training treats, but its definitely a move in the right direction!

  • Add-ons

With the boxes there are various options of adding on items such as JR training treats, extra long lasting chews and enrichment toys. As well as this you can also order anything from the direct shop to add to your box! Last month when we had a ‘build your own’ box I added a Zogoflex toy and a Lickimat. I love both of them, they work really well with Loki’s raw food, although Loki has ‘customised’ the Lickimat and chewed off the corners. Its definitely an enrichment toy that I shouldn’t leave him alone with!


  • Customer Service

Emily has always been super helpful and responsive to any questions I have had, both with her leads/collars business and now the natural treats. She’s always listening to her customers and asking for feedback and using that feedback. As Loki is a toy destroyer she always gives honest answers to my questions about the durability of the toys, which I really appreciate.

We highly recommend these boxes, if you do decide to order one you can use the code ‘LOKI10’ for a 10% discount 🙂

PS be sure to order before the 20th of the month so you don’t miss out!


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