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Earlier in the year we took the plunge and bought a dehydrator. I thought I would share all my successes (and failures) of making our own treats.

Why we love dehydrating our own dog treats:

  • We know exactly what is in the treats (which is great for dogs with sensitive tummies like Loki)
  • They last ALOT longer than just baking the treats in the oven
  • We can reduce our plastic footprint, most dog treats come in small plastic packaging so we can avoid all of that by dehydrating
  • Once you have purchased a dehydrator, the cost of treats is much cheaper
  • It’s fun, you can be really experimental!

What You Need to Get Started

(All the products I have purchased I have included amazon links for in the description)


  • A Dehydrator

Obviously! There’s a huge range, like anything you can spend anything from £30 up to £700 (and no doubt much more!) I went for a fairly low cost (not the cheapest) dehydrator on amazon. 

So far I have had no problems at all with this dehydrator so hopefully it continues to serve me well.

  • Silicone Molds

I have a small selection of silicone molds, you can fill them with your chosen mixture and just pop them in the dehydrator for the required time. Amazon is a great place for finding molds, it allows you to make you dog treats into any shape; dog bones, stars, hearts, emojis, you name it you can probably get a silicone mold for it!! I bought a pack of three dog ones on Amazon (bones and paws).

The other molds I have are called ‘160’s‘. The molds are perfect for making small training treats.

One thing to note when buying molds is to make sure they are suitable for high temperatures, my dehydrator is usually set to between 30-70 C depending on the ingredients!

  • Dehydrator Sheets

As dehydrator trays have holes in them, if you are dehydrating something ‘sloppy’ like liver or moist like yoghurt drops then to start with you should use a dehydrator sheet on the tray, this prevents it from falling down and getting messy! Before I purchased some dehydrator sheets I just used baking paper – it seemed to do the job just fine! I purchased the Andrew James Dehydrator sheets eventually, they are made to fit my dehydrator and after using I can wash and reuse (less waste yay!).

  • The Facebook Group

Before I bought my dehydrator I joined the Facebook group: ‘Dehydrated Dog Treats (Recipes and Advice)‘. If your on Facebook you should definitely join! There are lots of helpful safety guides and tonnes of dehydrating ideas for your dogs! There’s always someone on hand to give you some help.

I hope this has been of some help to you, next post in the series will be Tuna and Banana training treats, very easy, cheap and Loki goes MAD for banana.