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We were very lucky to receive some UberPet Food to try out! UberPet make a selection of complete raw food recipes. We switched Loki over to raw food a couple of months ago and have seen so many benefits. At first it was just a trial, but I wouldn’t want to go back to kibble now (although we do use some cold-pressed food for training and enrichment).

Prior to our trial of UberPet we had been feeding a DIY raw diet, which I love doing but it can be a bit of a faff. So it has been a nice change just having to defrost a pack of UberPet the night before and then its just one pack for his daily food. We had a good selection of flavours to try including chicken, fish, duck and turkey. All of which went down very nicely!


All the recipes use human grade meat, have 75% meat content and also include other goodies such as vegetables, turmeric and salmon oil. Since feeding raw, we have always fed 100% meat diet with no vegetables, I hadn’t seen the need for it, so wasn’t sure how this would affect Loki. I’m sure I have mentioned before that Loki has a very sensitive tummy and often has runny poos. However since feeding UberPet I have noticed a great improvement with this, which as the chief poo picker upper in the house, is a great relief!!

If you have followed us for long, you are probably aware that we LOVE a bit of canine enrichment, so rarely feed the traditional way out of a bowl! We love to use a Lickimat (when he doesn’t chew it to bits) and I find these minces the perfect consistency for spreading onto our Lickimat. Raw food that I have fed before have often been too chunky to spread, but this worked perfectly!

Overall I was really happy with the quality of this raw food and would definitely encourage anyone that feeds their dogs complete raw food to go check their website out. Usually Loki’s ‘stay’ is really good, particularly in the house, but I REALLY struggled to get photos of him next to the food as he really loves it! You can see in this photo he’s not really lying down, his belly isn’t even touching the ground!


If your interested in trying out some UberPet food then go check out their website here: and if you have any questions then fire away in the comments below!