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Like many of you, I worry about Loki ALL the time. I have always wanted to set up a camera at home to see what Loki is up to and more importantly that he isn’t destressed when left alone. We were really lucky to be sent a Furbo Dog Camera in exchange for a blog post, so here we are!


The Furbo camera was super easy to set up. You just need to download an app to your phone and follow the instructions. Its a case of connecting the Furbo to your WiFi and then your ready to go! The Furbo camera has a really good wide angled camera, a speaker and the option to throw your dog a treat or two!

I was really impressed by the quality of the camera and it even has a night vision mode that automatically kicks in when its dark. A really easy way to see if your dog is settling nicely at night time (or if your out for the evening and forget to leave the light on for them!!).

There’s a little light at the bottom of the Furbo. It changes colour depending on the status. The colours can be white, green, purple, yellow, blue or red. The light is blue when being used for live streaming and yellow once its all set up but not streaming video. The other colours are useful when setting it up.

After a week of testing the Furbo we had new WiFi installed at home and had some difficulties getting connected again, for this the light was purple which means it isn’t successfully connected to WiFi. Thankfully, Furbo’s online support very quickly helped us get connected again!

Another awesome feature is that you can fill the camera with treats and via the app on your phone you can fire treats out for your dog! At first I thought this was a bit of a novelty but actually have managed to use it as a training aid for Loki. As a young dog, there are ALOT of things that we are currently working on. Generally Loki is good at being left but sometimes he will become stressed when I go upstairs and start to scratch at the door that leads to our stairs.

Now I can use the Furbo app and when I am upstairs and see that he is behaving nicely and not stressing out, I can reward him with a treat (without having to go downstairs, by which time it would be too late to reward the calm behaviours).

Loki and I absolutely love the Furbo camera and app. He knows when those tasty treats are coming and I love that whenever I leave him (which isn’t often) I can just check in on him at the touch of a button. I’m really pleased to say that whenever I have looked so far he is asleep on the sofa or in his bed!

We highly recommend this camera, you can order your Furbo by clicking here

This product was sent to us in exchange for a review.