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We are big fans of ditching the bowl in this household. This means that Loki is fed during training, using Kong’s, scatter feeding and other enrichment activities. We have lots of enrichment toys that we use for kibble and raw food, they are great for tiring Loki out!

I’m always reading how spaniel owners feel they need to walk working line dogs for hours and hours and hours every day. But its just as important to tire them out mentally; this can be achieved with lots of training, giving them a job to do and brain games.

But you don’t need to spend lots of money to do brain games, we often use old packaging before it goes in to our recycling bin! We have made a few videos to show examples of DIY enrichment activities!

1. Kitchen Towel Tube

This is super simple. Just fill the tube with treats and fold over both ends!

2. Packaging and Tissue Paper

This time we used some packaging from a box, filled it with Loki’s kibble and then stuffed it with tissue paper to hide the treats!

3. Egg Box

Fill a used egg box with treats and/or kibble, then smother some peanut butter on the box to seal it shut!

4. Large Cardboard Box

For this I got a large cardboard box, big enough that Loki could get inside! I opened up both ends and threw some tasty treats in. Loki loves playing with cardboard boxes and its great for building confidence when he goes inside!

I hope you have enjoyed these simple, cheap and eco-friendly enrichment activities!