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I do love an advent calendar. But I can’t stand the plastic and packaging they always come in. This usually goes for advent calendars for both humans and dogs. So this year I decided to make my own for both Loki and my boyfriend Aaron. I wanted to use as little plastic as possible and hopefully be able to reuse it year after year! I’m really not a very creative person, so if I can do this….anyone can!

I decided to use the small pillow boxes that are usually used for wedding favours. I managed to find these in a pack of 50, so the perfect amount for the two calendars

After some searching on Pinterest I knew exactly what to do! Here is what I used:

  • 50 pillow boxes (Amazon)
  • One large piece of red card (Hobbycraft)
  • Lots of Christmas stickers (various places)
  • Velcro (Amazon)
  • Goodies to fill the boxes (Various)
  • String
  • Wooden letters (Hobbycraft)

I started by making up the pillow boxes, which is very easy to do but did take a little while as I needed 48 of them for the two calendars!

I then decorated the boxes with various stickers, some of the stickers had numbers on. Those that didn’t I just wrote on.

Next was the fun part of filling the boxes! I filled the human one mainly with his favourite chocolates, it was good getting a bit more variety than the usual advent calendar! For Loki’s calendar I asked Jaycee from Redpaw Pets for a selection of smaller natural treats. This made it really easy!

I then cut the card in half and positioned the boxes randomly with a slight gap at the top so I could write their names on (didn’t want them getting mixed up!!).

Once all in position I attached the boxes onto the card with the Velcro. It only required a tiny amount for each box. This means that each box can easily be taken on and off when its time!

I then put their names on the calendars using some little wooden letters I got from Hobbycraft!

Finally, I punched two holes in the top and attached some string which I had lying around!

And that’s it! Hopefully the boys enjoy their treats in December!