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We have now had Colin (our VW campervan) for 4 months. We have been away about 7 or 8 times now, usually for a 2 day trip but sometimes a bit longer! So I thought I would let you know some tips for packing up for a trip!

Sleeping Arrangements

In our van, the back seat folds out to turn into the bed. So here’s what we always have with us:

  • Fitted bed sheet (small double works perfectly)
  • Double sleeping bag
  • A pillow for each of us
  • Loki’s blanket – this goes on the front seat which swivels round so he CAN sleep there, but lets be honest most the time he sleeps on us!

Eating/Drinking Arrangements

For most of our short adventures we tend to cook up a chilli type dish in the week, pop it in the freezer and at the weekend all we need to do is heat it up and we have an awesome home cooked meal with minimal effort!

  • Eating – plates/bowls/cutlery/saucepans/knife/scissors/spatula
  • Drinking – mugs/bottle opener/tea/coffee/sugar/cafetiere/refillable water bottles (saves money and the planet!)
  • Washing up – sponge/cloth/kitchen towel/tea towel/washing up liquid/surface cleaner/bin bags

We tend not to take drinking cups/glasses. We just use our mugs or drinking bottles. And yes its perfectly acceptable to drink wine out of a mug when camping 🙂

For tea, coffee and sugar we store these in little boxes to save space (see photo below) but beware to close the lids properly…otherwise sugar goes EVERYWHERE (trust me!)

For the Dog

Clearly the most important bit, here is what we take:

  • A secure way of travelling whether that be a crate or seatbelt harnesses
  • Dog blanket (for sleeping in van and settling in pubs/cafe’s) we use our handmade quilt from (go look her up on Instagram) See photo below.
  • Dog food, we feed raw at home but tend to feed kibble or cooked food from Different Dog on the road.
  • Bowl, a collapsible one so can take it on hikes and out and about
  • Snood for keeping any mucky food out his giant ears (again from LN Designs)
  • Toys (definitely a ball)
  • Chews (both long lasting and not smelly ones such as pizzle and also things like coffeewood chews and chew roots which last Loki months and months)
  • Dickie bag (for storing dog poo when there’s no bins around and not having it stink the van out, also useful for long hikes with no bins)
  • Dog towels and two drying robes (because Loki swims ALL the time)
  • Mud Daddy to wash him off after a walk and keep the van clean!
  • Training treats, clicker, treat pouch because theres always spare time to train!
  • And the usual poo bags, spare leads, spare collars in case you lose them or damage them!

For the Humans

All the usual bits you would need on holiday; clothes, toiletries, walking gear (trousers, boots, coat etc), towels, books, phone chargers, camera, spare camera batteries, rucksack or bag for day walks/trips.

One great thing we have bought are packing cubes. These fit in our little cupboards much better and allow you to easily organise your clothes and not mess everything up each time you want to grab a t-shirt!

A few other key bits:

  • pack of cards
  • monopoly deal
  • toilet roll

Hope this helps, we have of course only camped in winter so this doesn’t include things like camping chairs, awning or anything you would want for the summer months! I would ensure you have some sort of line attachment to attach dogs to the van in the warmer months as the doors will be left open a lot more! The list certainly isn’t exhaustive but it should get you thinking!